23 december 2021

‘Every SchoolofLifeProject is a study on material, craftmenship and contemporary design through a lense on longevity..’ One strong item can elevate and refresh an entire wardrobe..
Lilian Vos Founder SchoolofLifeProjects

In 2019 two 25year+ fashion professionals were celebrating Life in the Portugese mountains. When visiting an artisanal weaving factory the idea emerged of leaving the Fast Fashion Industry to be able to work on Product in a more sustainable and considered way; Product which becomes more beautiful as it ages, and which lasts longer than just one fashion season.

Our motto is ‘Love and Live Fair’
Love; SchoolofLifeProjects understands that 0 ecological impact can only be realized if you don’t buy @ all or if you buy secondhand, we don’t create head to toe outfits, we believe in characteristic pieces, friends for life, which elevate a complete wardrobe and which are produced in an ethical way.

Live Fair; SchoolofLifeProjects uses organic- and recycled materials. We select our Production partners carefully and make sure people and animals in the circle are treated well. We pack and ship our Goods in a Responsible Manner.
SchoolofLifeProjects will inform the Consumer on the Origin of Materials used; we will also be transparent about the Factories and Communities who produce our Products. Next to producing our goods we offer Repair service for SoLP items as well as a second Life sales or Upcycle opportunity.

The first Project “ Woven Objects of Desire” started in collaboration with the factory which we visited in the very beginning; together we created 9 Poncho’s and blankets woven on 150 year old machines. The wool which is used comes from regional sheep which are grazing on the plateaus in the National Park Serra da Estrela. All wool is gained, cleaned, spun and woven in the same region. Weaving and finishing the poncho’s is done according to the Zero Waste Principle. The collection of 9 has been inspired by local Portugese patterns which have been woven into blankets for centuries and contemporary denim design and modern art. All handwork has been done in the valley by local families.

The second Project “RecyKnits” knitted accessories and tops which are knitted in RECY wool and RECY tape; two certified yarns by Italian Yarn supplier Pinori; Styles are inspired by workwear worn by Shephards, Farmers and Fishermen. The product is knitted in a family owned business in the North of Portugal. All handwork like hand braiding of fringes, finishing garments with blanket stitching are done in same community.

The third Project “Activistwear” is made in organic certified cotton; the styles are made from organic cotton jersey (tees) and organic cotton fleece (hoodies). The graphics comment on the active role consumers can play to change the footprint of FastFashion retail chains.

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