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At Telecom Lifestyle Fashion B.V. we craft first class tech gear for mobile devices. We combine the worlds of fashion, licenses and telecom to make the right product for every fashion and tech lover. Under license by two of the world’s biggest brands, adidas and Bugatti, we provide the development, production, distribution, sales and marketing of the adidas Sports, adidas Originals, Y-3 and Bugatti phone, tablet and laptop cases. Our products are sold worldwide.

Because at TLF we find a fresh way to combine our extensive technical product knowledge with a strong sense of tech fashion & sports and lifestyle, we guarantee more than just the very highest quality. We guarantee accessories that stand out. Generations around the world have become inseparable from their smartphones, the real millennials. It is no longer possible to imagine a world without mobile devices. Because these devices have become our life, so we believe it is important to protect them carefully.

Preferably in a personal way, that fits with who you are and what you admire.

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Our vision is to create modern and appealing tech gear for our brands, using their input but also our own creative visions to have a seasonal and ‘basic’ collection that appeals to different target groups. Our marketing department has exceptional experience in the fields of digital, social, retail and e-commerce marketing. Not only on B2B base but also ready to support our distributors on from a b2c point of view.

It goes without saying: we are always on top of the worldwide trends. In order to be able to respond to those trends carefully and quickly, we have set up our structures and work processes optimally for high-quality creative product development. That is offering top of the notch design services such as 3D product visuals. But that is not all.

We devote the same care to working out the right distribution and sales channels. We meticulously decide what combination of channels and instruments promise the best added value- each time and for every customer. From rapid prototyping to custom tools, TLF is able to move fast in the ever so changing tech industry.

STRAX group is Telecom Lifestyle fashions Mother Company. They design develop, market and distribute mobile accessories and connected devices. The portfolio of STRAX includes proprietary brand like Xqisit, GEAR4, Urbanista & FLAVR and licensed brands like adidas Originals, adidas Sports and Bugatti. This portfolio of brands makes STRAX a company of 100 million euros.

We also use custom made materials for our products with unique features that separate us from competitors and try to cut the use of plastic to an absolute minimum. No generic solutions and no predictable concepts. Because we believe that simple solutions will never be able to win the attention of today’s critical consumer. To achieve this we travel the globe ourselves to receive market insights.

TLF sources from Tilburg, our home town, and uses the city as a knowledge hub. Together with the textile lab we gather information about new materials or combinations and use these in our own designs. Tilburg also functions as a leather center with tanneries in the region.


Adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of footwear, apparel and hardware for sport and lifestyle. TLF is a company with passion for protective
mobile device accessories.

Since 2013 TLF designs, develops, manufactures and distributes cases for devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops under the trademarks of adidas Originals and Y-3. Inspiration taken from the adidas apparel and footwear collections combined with the ability to construe, design and develop pioneering products within the field of device protection is the strength of TLF. By using redefined materials, colors and technologies TLF creates relevant products for the adidas target consumer and visibility with this category for the brand in new distribution channels.

Since 1978 bugatti formed a basis of men’s fashion collections that have international appeal. These days, the brand not only offers a men’s collection, but also a women’s collections both offering a full range of business and leisure collections with shoes, bags and jackets in the mid-toluxury price segment. Bugatti’s fashion is oriented by a modern but sporty and classic look. 30 years old female and male high earners are the brand’s target group. The cornerstones of each collection’s success are product quality, an excellent price-performance and modernity, along with the function and the expertise in fit and sizing.

Europe means cultural and creative diversity. London, Paris, Milan – three of the world’s most important metropolitan cities are at home here. The bugatti brand also has its roots in Europe and draws its inspiration from the continent’s rich heritage. This is reflected in the bugatti brand mark. Europe is synonymous with democracy and open community without borders. The strength of Europe lies in the individual character of its various cultures. The result is a wealth of fascinating and progressive new ideas that continue to inspire bugatti year after year. For bugatti, Europe is like a large family full of different personalities. The brand is proud to be a member of this family… one home called Europe.

This vision of Europe is shared by bugatti, today the brand is present in more than 60 countries in the world.


Working at TLF means: New challenges. New goals. New ways to boost your work life. At TLF we work hard because hard work, pays off. We listen, explore and create. We bundle ages of knowledge with today’s innovation and most important of all, we work together, because teamwork is what makes a company. We are young and motivated, ready to take over the world of mobile accessories.

TLF Headquarters: since 2017 TLF has a completely renewed headquarter. A headquarter that can be seen as a creators barn, a creative urban jungle. With a fresh and clean look, the headquarters give the TLF team the opportunity to express themselves all day, every day.